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The Philips Ionic Hair Dryer HP8260 protects the hair from overheating with the advanced EHD™ technology. The specially designed air outlet spreads the heat more gently onto the hair and avoids damaging temperatures on hair and scalp.

Less Hair Damage
• Less overheating with Even Heat Distribution technology.
• More Care with ion conditioning for shiny, frizz-free hair.
• More Care with ceramic elements, providing far infrared heat.
• Best drying temperature with ThermoProtect temperature.

Beautifully styled hair
• Cool Shot sets your style.
• Perfect styling results with a slim styling nozzle.
• Volume diffuser enhances volume, for curls and bouncy styles.

Easy to use
• Six flexible speed and temperature settings for full control.
• Avoid hair trapping with the removable filter.

Advanced EHD technology
Advanced Philips EHD technology means that your Philips Ionic Hair Dryer HP8260 uses an uniquely designed air outlet to ensure heat is always distributed very evenly – even at high temperatures – and prevents damaging hot spots. This gives ultimate protection to the hair from overheating and thus helps to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

ThermoProtect temperature
The ThermoProtect temperature provides the optimal drying temperature and gives additional protection from overheating the hair. With the same powerful airflow, you will get the best results in a caring way.

Ionic Care
Ionic conditioning enables anti-static drying. Charged negative ions eliminate static hair, condition the hair and smooth down the hair cuticles to intensify the hair\’s shine and glossiness. The result is smooth and frizz-free hair that shines beautifully.

More care with Ceramic element
The ceramic element issues far infrared heat, which has a gentle warmth that helps dry your hair from within and protects it from overdrying, without compromising on speed and effectiveness.

Slim styling nozzle
Perfect styling results and a shiny, polished look with a slim styling nozzle for precise styling.

Volume diffuser
The volume diffuser dries hair healthily, reduces frizz and increases volume by spreading the airflow across the hair. It adds lift and maximises volume, especially when used on the crown and root area, making it perfect for creating curls and bouncy styles.

Technical specifications
•Wattage: 2300 W
•Cord length: 2.5 m
•Color/finishing: Purple
•Plug Head: Malaysia 3 pin

•Cool shot
•Ceramic coating
•Ion conditioning
•Hanging loop

Additional information

Weight 1.084 kg
Dimensions 11 x 29.6 x 23.5 cm


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