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Shave and trim while protecting your skin with the Philips Body Groomer BG2024 even in hard-toreach areas. Create your own style below the neck – with the Philips Body Groomer BG2024.

Skin-friendly performance
• Hypo-allergenic shaver and pearl tips prevent skin irritation

Easy to use
• 100% waterproof for use in the shower, and easy cleaning
• 50 minutes cordless use after 8 hours charging
• Battery light indicates the battery status (low/ full)
• Stand for charging and easy storage
• 2-year guarantee, worldwide voltage, no oil needed

Trim and Shave
• Total body trim and shave
• Trim and shave head shaves longer hairs in a single stroke
• 1 comb included for 3-mm body hair length

Trim and shave all body areas
Safe and comfortable for underarms, chest and abs, back and shoulders, groin area and legs

Trim and shave head
One stroke gives you a skin-friendly, comfortable shave across all body areas.

Skin-friendly shaver
A hypo-allergenic foil shaver and patented pearl tips prevent skin irritation, providing a reliably smooth body grooming experience.

100% waterproof
Trim and shave in comfort, in the shower or outside, wet or dry. To clean, you can simply rinse this groomer under the tap.

The battery lasts for 50 minutes after 8 hours charging.

•Charging stand

Ease of use
•Wet and Dry: 100 % waterproof for easy use and cleaning

Trimming and shaving performance
•Skin comfort: Skin friendly shaving head

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