PHILIPS FC8950/61 Aqua Action Bagless Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner


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The new Philips Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner FC8950 with AquaWeb water filtration technology combines a powerful cleaning performance and efficient anti-allergy system with an easy to clean experience. Let the water do the work, without getting your hands dirty.

Powerful cleaning performance
• Trap dust with AquaWeb water filtration technology
• 2000 Watt motor for powerful cleaning performance

Fresh and clean air in your home
• Ultra Clean Air HEPA 13 filter with 99.95% filtration
• Effective with/without non-foaming soap or perfume

Keep your hands clean
• Advanced AquaWeb filter design to keep your hands clean
• Bucket handle to keep your hands clean

Easy cleaning, even around furniture
• TriActive nozzle with unique 3-in-1 action

AquaWeb technology
AquaWeb water filtration technology delivers a powerful cleaning performance through two highly efficient steps:
1) The AquaWeb filter has two layers of blades, which create a very dense web of water droplets. When the dirty air passes through this web, the water droplets capture the dust and will not release it again.
2) The active separator effectively separates the clean air and dirty water, ensuring that only clean air will leave the vacuum cleaner.

Ultra Clean Air HEPA 13 filter
The Ultra Clean Air HEPA 13 filter captures at least 99.95% of all dust, ensuring a clean and allergen-free environment.

Advanced AquaWeb filter design
With its advanced shape, the AquaWeb filter is designed to keep your hands clean. Thanks to the integrated handle, you can easily remove the filter from the bucket, and rinse it under the tap without getting your hands dirty.

TriActive nozzle
The TriActive nozzle cleans your floor in 3 ways in one go:
1) A larger opening at the tip of the nozzle easily sucks up big bits.
2) It has maximum cleaning efficiency due to optimised airflow through the nozzle.
3) The two side brushes sweep up the dust and dirt closely alongside furniture and walls.

Technical specifications
•Power (IEC): 2000 W
•Action radius: 11.0 m
•Cord length: 8.0 m

General specifications
•Exhaust filter: HEPA 13
•Motor filter: Lifetime washable filter
•Dust capacity: 5.8 Liter
•Tube type: Metal 2-piece telescopic tube
•Carrying handle: Front
•Tube coupling: Conical
•Wheel type: Rubber

•Colour: Juicy Red
•Weight of product: 7.5 kg

•Crevice tool
•Small nozzle
•TriActive nozzle

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