Philips GC1440 Steam Iron, Ceramic Soleplate, Anti-Calc, 2000W, Drip-Stop


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This iron makes your ironing easy and effective with lots of continuous steam. The durable ceramic soleplate glides well over all garments, and the 3x precision tip reaches the trickiest areas. With the Comfort iron, ironing is made simple.

Comfortable ironing
• 2000 W Power
• 100g Steam boost
• Ceramic soleplate
• Calc Clean Slider
• Steam output 25 g/min

100 g steam boost
Penetrates deeper into the fabric to easily remove stubborn creases.

Steam output of 25 g/min
Up to 25 g/min gives you the perfect amount of steam to efficiently remove all creases.

Ceramic Soleplate
Durable ceramic soleplate glides well on all garments. It’s non-stick, scratch-resistant and simple to keep clean.

Drip-stop system
Drip Stop system lets you iron delicate fabrics at low temperatures without having to worry about stains from water droplets.

Calc clean slider
This steam iron can be operated with normal tap water and the calc clean slider makes it easy to remove any built-up scale out of your iron.

Technical specifications
•Power: 2000 W
•Steam boost :100 g
•Continuous steam output: 25 g / min
•Water tank capacity: 220 ml
•Voltage: 240 V

General specifications
•Soleplate: Ceramic Soleplate
•Water spray: Yes
•Drip Stop: Yes
•Tap water suitable: Yes
•Temperature dial: Yes
•Triple precision tip: Yes
•Descaling and cleaning: Calc Clean Slider