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Groom your beard, hair, mustache and sideburns with this waterproof all-in-one trimmer. 8 different attachments give you the freedom to create different styles on your face and hair, while turbo power trims through thick hair gently.

-Trim your face, neck and sideburns to complete your look
-18 adjustable lengths (1-18 mm) for an even beard or stubble
-Define sharp lines around your beard or goatee
-Shave small areas on your cheeks and chin with precision
-Tidy up your eyebrows and sideburns to an even length
-Gently get rid of unwanted nose and ear hair
-Create a range of hairstyles with the dedicated 41mm clipper
-18 adjustable lengths (3-20 mm) for an even haircut

Easy to use
-Skin-friendly, high-performance blades for a gentle trim
-50 minutes of cordless use on a 1-hour charge
-Higher cutting speed to power through thick hair
-Trimmer can be rinsed clean under the tap
-Easily store, or travel with the trimmer and attachments

Full size metal trimmer
Use the full size metal trimmer without a comb to complete your style and get clean, sharp lines around the edges of your beard.

Detail foil shaver
Get rid of unwanted hairs with precision on small areas of your cheeks and chin, for a clean finish

Hair comb
Keep your haircut in style, or create a new one, by trimming to different lengths. The hair comb offers 18 length settings from 3mm to 20mm, with precisely 1mm between each setting

Beard & stubble comb
Trim your beard to exactly the length you want, by locking in the setting that suits your desired look. The beard & stubble comb offers 18 length settings from 1mm to 18mm, with precisely 1mm between each setting.

Detail comb
Precisely comb and trim your eyebrows and sideburns for a finished look.

Nose trimmer
Remove unwanted nose and ear hair, easily and comfortably.

Extra wide clipper
Cut through your head of hair quickly with the 41mm high-performance clipper

Create the look you want
-Number of attachments/combs: 5 attachments & 3 combs
-Styling tools: Full size metal trimmer, Detail trimmer, Precision shaver, Rotary nose trimmer, Wide hair clipper, 18-setting beard&stubble comb, Detail & eyebrow comb, 18-setting hairclipper comb
-Number of length settings: 18 integrated length settings
-Bodygroom/Hairclipping/Facial: Moustache, Long beard, Short beard, Stubble look, Sharp lines, Detailed styling, Goatee
-Hairclipping/Facial styling: Moustache, Longbeard, Short beard, Stubble look, Detailed styling, Goatee

Trimming performance
-High-performance blade: For a gentle trim
-Turbo power button: For increased performance

-Pouch: Storage pouch
-Oil in pack

Ease of use
-Wet & Dry: Fully washable
-Display: Battery full indicator, Chargingindicator, Battery low indicator

-Color: Black with brushed chrome deco panel
-Handle: Easy grip

-Battery type: NiMH
-Run time: 50 minutes
-Charging: 1 hour full charge, 5 min quickcharge
-Automatic voltage: 100-240 V

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